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Google November Update and How to Recover

Even though Google November Algorithm update is rolled out almost a 4 months ago, many websites are still negatively affected and not able to recover.   What I am seeing almost on a daily basis is that quality websites are being punished for nothing and all those years of hard work and playing by the rules […]

5 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins for 2020

You might have all the necessary information posted on your WordPress website. But with all this stuff, do you sense that visitors feel distant or unengaged when browsing through the pages? Let’s say they’re interested in the article you posted or a product that you’re selling, but they have some questions. Even with all the […]

Recurring Payments Feature: The Groundwork of Membership System on WordPress in the Future

WordPress has recently launched the “Recurring Payments” feature with premium plans; an exclusive that blog creators, business users, and publishers on the platform will benefit from. In collaboration with Stripe, an online payment processing company, WordPress is stepping up its monetization schemes for all content creators.   Say Hello to the Recurring Payment by WordPress […]

How to Enable WordPress Classic Editor

So far over 5 million WordPress website owners have disabled Gutenberg and switched back to Classic Editor. The main reasons to continue using the Classic Editor (TinyMCE) are simplicity and a fact that this editor have been around since the early days of WordPress.  Without Classic Editor, the WordPress wouldn’t be able to be what […]

6 Best WordPress Maintenance Service Providers – 2019 list

Did you know that Google can notice that WordPress core and/or plugins are not updated on your site? Believe it or not, if WP/plugins are not up to date, your SEO could be negatively affected because updates are all about security and new features. If we add Google’s freshness factor to all of that, an […]

How to Migrate from WordPress Multi-Site to Single Site

WordPress Multi-Site installations are useful only if you are managing more than 4,5 sites that are using the same theme and similar layout on all the sites. Personally, I don’t see the long-term benefit of using multi-site WordPress and the usual “excuse” of website owners is that is much easier for them to log in […]

How to Fix the HTTP Image Upload Error in Media Library

If you are unable to upload images to posts or pages via Media Library, below are quick and easy fixes for HTTP upload error. Image Editor Library In the most cases the problem can be solved by changing the default WordPress Image editor from Imagick  to GD Library.  You can do this by editing your […]