If The WebDesign Agency is Hosting Your Website, Be Prepared For Unpleasant Surprise

Over the years, I fought many battles against my competitors, mostly because they do not want to let the client go away. This is what usually happens. A client hires a webdesign agency to build a website. The agency does all the work and offers a hosting for the website that may come with a […]

Google Algorithm Update 2023 Disaster

Running an online business has never been easier… Yeah, right. Google has found more ways to cripple small and medium businesses. If your business is ruined by recent January 2023 Algorithm update, you have no other option than to complain to A.I (artificial intelligence). If you noticed a sudden rank and/or traffic drop your website […]

WordPress Ajax Refresh Div / Reload Content Without Refreshing the Page

If you are looking to have some elements on the page reloaded in the background without refreshing an entire page, the code below is exactly what you’re looking for! And it actually works (many solutions I found online are either not working or are incomplete). With this Ajax/Jquery code you can refresh certain div elements […]

How to Find and Hire WordPress Developer in 2022

If you’re like many people who speak with me about development, you may have had a bad – or at least severely challenging – development experience in the past. Depending upon what kind of site you had developed and how complex it was, your experience may have been a slow, agonizing, frustrating process of trying […]

Your Website IS Your Business

In the past, when entrepreneurs discussed their businesses relative to the internet, they discussed websites with the same vocabulary used for conventional marketing campaigns. Sites were thought of in terms of their graphics, in terms of their cost, in terms of immediate – short-term – returns; they were viewed as a disposable, one-time cost. Sites […]

WebArchive and Copyright Infringement

Recently, I went to WebArchive to take some of my old text content from 2018 so I can use it again on my homepage. After a quick Google search, I discovered that my copyrighted content was stolen by competitors. It seems that some people think that they have right to use old content from WebArchive […]

How to Build a WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps

Building your own website has never been easier thanks to flexibility of WordPress platform. Read below to learn how to easily build a simple WordPress website or a blog without coding or any other technical skills. First we will start with a domain name and a hosting. 1. The domain name / hosting In order […]