3 Amazing sites with Free Stock Photos – 2017 list

Spicing up your site has never been easier! Free stock photos are photos you can use in your personal or commercial projects absolutely free of charge! Some photos may require an attribution (Creative Common Licence), so before using them, be sure to read the terms of use. It’s finally time to say goodbye to shutterstock, other premium sites and their ridiculous pricing… Get what you need and get it free! I use these sites on a daily basis for my WordPress projects and I can freely say, so far they saved me a ton of money!


StockSnap free stock photos

StockSnap is the #1 resource for a free stock photos. All photo files fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which means that you can use them anywhere, in any type or form without asking for a permission. You’re also allowed to redistribute the photos on other sites and use them for commercial projects. New photos are added on a weekly basis and you can download them in a high resolution quality, to up to 10.000 pixels. Sometimes it takes time to find what you need among thousands of photos, but, believe me it’s worth digging! Check out their trending page.


pexels free images

Pexels site is probably the largest photo directory with over 50.000 photos + 2,3000 more are being added each month. If you ask me, way too much for my taste, I think I could spend hours picking the right one. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with their photos, just, I’m hard when it comes to making decisions. Pexels is founded in 2014 by Bruno Joseph, Ingo Joseph and Daniel Frese. This site has literally everything for everyone. An awesome resource for photographers, designers, artists, writers and other creative folks. When it comes to license, all pictures are published under the CC0.


unsplash free stock photography

This is one of my favorites, CC0 licence, free for any use. Unsplash gathers a huge variety of photographers that are contributing the site on a daily basis. There you can always find something fresh and new that is not already used on hundreds of sites. If you’re a photographer, you can create your own account, start adding photos along with your site URL and get the exposure you need for your business. Their HQ photos are unique and very often better than on the similar sites online. Check out their collections