The Best WordPress Hosting Company

webhosting-wordpressToday I’m gonna reveal what hosting company is really the best choice when it comes to WordPress based websites.   My criteria are very harsh and I have experience with almost all hosting providers, thanks to my career as web developer.   During the years I’ve seen it all, from greedy hosting providers to companies that were delivering perfect service but only for a few months…..     There are also companies with incompetent staff, for example something goes down on the server and they have no clue how to fix it and then my clients site end’s up being inaccessible for few days.   Not to mention the cases where I had to beg the hosting support to finally do something regarding their server issues…

So when you are looking for the right host, be sure to make the right decision.   Most of the reviews available on the net are fake, written by hosts themselves because of marketing purposes or written by their competitors.

WordPress sites can be very consuming when it comes to resources available on the server (Memory, CPU).  So the server needs to be optimized for WP sites and not only that, it needs to provide the flawless service, without downtime’s & other interruptions (like “We are moving your site to better and faster server”,  but in reality their server just died and 911 service is on the vacation…).

Perfect (Shared) WordPress hosting should be able to withstand huge amount of traffic, from 500 to 2,3000 or more visitors per day.  Also, it should be able to deal with 20,30 active plugins (more plugins, features, widgets = bigger memory and CPU consumption).   Beside these criteria I mentioned, the most important should be, the decent tech support that really cares about the customers, and to be honest this is complete rarity these days…

Based on my experience, the key factor that tells you that you already found the Best WordPress Hosting Provider is when you communicate with your support only once in a year or two.   This means that everything works so fine that there’s no need to get in touch with them at all + they are not bothering you with emails like “Scheduled maintenance blah blah blah, your site will be down for 2 hours”.


Sorry that it took me too long to get to this part, when I start writing, I just can’t stop (the adrenaline…).  I will now share with you, what Hosting Provider is the best choice for your WordPress website.  My answer is WebFaction!


Because WebFaction’s service meets all my criteria mentioned above + their price is reasonable.    I am hosting 5 sites with them for 4,5 years approx. and I never ever had a single problem or unsolved issue.   My clients and colleagues also have same experience.  It just works (as it should)!  Period.     Their current price is $9.50/month and you can even host multiple domains & websites.   If you need a help to set up or move a website to WebFaction, just let me know, I’m at your service.

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