GoDaddy scooped up Sucuri

godaddy sucuri

GoDaddy just announced that Sucuri Security will be acquired and continue to work under the GD’s umbrella. Sucuri online security is founded by Daniel Cid and Tony Perez in 2010 and became a successful service that provides website clean up and protection. The details of this deal and for how much they sold themselves, remains a secret.

The good news is that pretty much everything will remain the same, Sucuri will continue being a standalone product, but, all employees will be transferred to GD under the leadership of Perez and Cid. This should be a guarantee that quality of service won’t drop over time.

I personally am not a fan of acquisitions where big fish eats up a small fish, but it’s all about the money and opportunity to reach more clients than ever before. Which I can understand, but never to agree to, I prefer an absolute freedom and independence. GoDaddy already acquired ManageWP, WPCurve and we can assume who’s next! Probably an another WordPress related company.

Anyway, no matter what, I will never sell myself! Long live freedom!