What is your website doing this Summer?

internet-bussineses-during-summer-wordpress-expertAs you probably know, the Summer season has a huge effect on the internet market.  Many people are on vacations and they are trying to stay away from the modern technologies for a few days or weeks.  All of this has significant impact on your website traffic which drastically goes down from June to somewhere around the start of September. 

Most of the online businesses and other websites are fighting their way through the summertime season.  When temperatures go up, the results are more than visible.  Less traffic, less visitors, less clients and less sales.   Overall, the entire conversion ratio drops down and not many businesses can afford to lose that kind of profit.

The one and only proper way to deal with this loss and to try to put your business back on track is to invest in your site and marketing, and do everything possible in order to attract that smaller amount of people that are still online and interested in doing business with your field.  The point is, that in whatever field you are, the clients are still there, waiting for you, you just need to make a bigger effort in order to reach them.   Those efforts could be website design changes, improvements, discounts and other things that can be done in order to refresh your website.

1340799106_WebDesignWhat is good with this tactic is that it truly works and you can be sure that most of your competitors are not doing any website changes during the Summer.   Every time when you do some change on your website, Google picks it up very quickly and throws you higher in the search results.  So, the benefits are more than obvious.  More traffic, more clients and higher conversion ratio.

Beside design and content changes that are very important, you should also consider WordPress website speed optimization that can help you with the SEO and improve the usability.  Also, if your site is not optimized for mobile phones, now is the right time to hire a WordPress Expert to make your site fully responsive.

Use the vacation season properly and turn disadvantages into advantages that can put your site above your competition.   If you are not sure what exactly should be done, or don’t have time for your website right now, I can review everything, suggest improvements and do all the work needed and provide any kind of maintenance services.   In the meantime, you can relax and do what you are doing best, or simply go to vacation 🙂