WordPress Web Design for Small Businesses

small-businesses-wordpress-webdesignIf you are a small business owner that is looking for a way to reach more clients, to get higher exposure online, a WordPress based website can do just what you need and a lot more!  Every company needs a website, especially start-up companies, because it lends  credibility to the company and everyone expects that you already have a website.  Many people are asking why WordPress?  The answer is very simple. A WordPress website development service is less expensive than the development of a website that is based on some other content management system.  WordPress has a built-in Search Engine Optimization that can help your company to rank higher in Google search results and to attract more potential clients!

And the best reason of all is simplicity when it comes to future updates that can be made by you without knowledge of some coding language!  This means that everyone can learn how to write posts, pages and make any text/image edits on their own.  WP websites can be developed pretty quickly, of course depending on your requirements.

How the process of WordPress Website Development actually works?

First you contact me and provide me all details about your company and what kind of website you would like, what colors you prefer, what styles of layout and if possible provide URL’s of your competitors and other sites you like.  Then I get back to you with an affordable price for the entire project.  After you hire me, I will start working on your new awesome website that will help your company to grow, expand and be successful!    My work covers everything from A to Z so you can save your precious time for other things, which means, that usually only 2-3 emails are needed to collect all info I need to start and finish the project.

Every website / project is unique, so it needs to be handled with a different approach every time.  It’s not all about the design and development, the most important thing is the goal of the website and that’s where the main focus should be.  If you want more sales, I can optimize the site in order to make it happen.  If you want more people to call you, I can do that too.  Everything can be done!  It only depends on time and budget.  When it comes to the budget, I am always looking to provide my clients the least expensive solutions.  For example, why code certain website functions from scratch for $100 if there is a premium plugin available for only $20.00?

When it comes to doing business with me, I am very reliable, detail oriented, affordable and most important of all, honest!   If you have questions or would like to get a free quote for your small business WordPress website, click the button below.