WPChampion WordPress Maintenance & Management Service

wordpress champion maintenance management service

Having a WordPress site requires a skilled developer that can help you to manage your online presence and deal with all that tech stuff in the back-end. Some people are hiring a full-time WordPress developer which can be very expensive, while others are relying on freelance sites where they can hire someone for a specific task.

In both cases, the developers are not able to provide complete coverage, they’re only doing the work following your instructions. That means that there’s no 24/7 support on which you can rely for backups on a regular basis, continuous security, optimization and other tweaks you would like to perform from time to time.

WPChampion fills all the gaps and provides full-time WordPress support for only $249 per month which is far less than the usual cost of a few hours of WP development!

What is WPChampion?

wpchampion what to expect
A WordPress maintenance/management service that includes pretty much everything you’ll ever need to maintain your site properly, keep it safe & secure or get it fixed if something goes wrong. It’s perfect for online shops, entrepreneurs, high traffic sites & small and medium size businesses who want to get the things done and have a piece of mind that their site will function flawlessly all the time. One of the key service benefits is unlimited support, which means that you can get assistance whenever you want to change something on the site, have some plugin customized, configured etc..



  • Unlimited WordPress Support
  • Customization
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updates
  • eCommerce Support
  • Website Improvements
  • Optimization
  • Backups
  • WordPress Consultation

What to expect ?

A dedicated WordPress developer that has more than enough expertise to deal with any WordPress issue and provide a quality and long-term coverage oriented toward your success.