Why WordPress ?

WordPress is definitely the best free content management system available on the internet.  Someone may say, there’s Joomla, Drupal and lot of free CMS’s that are good enough, yes, I agree with that, but only WP have enough flexibility to do a lot of things (tweaking, posting, modifications) in a short amount of time.

WP has the easiest interface, you can add, edit, remove content (posts, pages, category’s, widgets, plugins) very quickly. If you are not familiar with WP interface, I can teach you in a just hour or two how to use all built in functions.   Currently, by the latest statistics, there’s over 53 million websites that are based on WordPress CMS. If it’s not good CMS it wouldn’t be so popular.

Another advantage of WordPress is built in Search Engine Optimization that works “out of the box” and this is also one of the main reasons why WP is number one in the world of Content Management Systems.    WP is easy to use, easy to maintain, secure and reliable.  If you choose WordPress to be your website platform, you will not regret it.