WordPress Malware Removal and Other Security Services

wordpress security servicesIf your WordPress website has been hacked, you should seek help from a WordPress security expert as soon as possible.
Malware can seriously damage your site data, make your site inaccessible or even negatively affect your SEO. It’s crucial to have your site cleaned up asap before Google re-index it and mark it as compromised.

I can identify security issues, clean up / recover your site and make it bulletproof.

How to know if your WordPress website has been hacked  (symptoms):

– If you get this warning while visiting your website “Warning!  This site may harm your computer!”  than your site is infected and blocked, so no one from Google can access it until the virus is removed.

– If you get redirected to some unknown web address while visiting your website, than your website is infected with redirection virus.

– Other symptoms of security intrusion are:  Content (text, url’s) on your pages, posts that don’t belong there, you can’t login to your WP Admin panel, additional pages you didn’t created, boxes with content appears on your site and pull data from other websites (Iframes) in order to infect your site and computers of visitors.  Sometimes, Iframe viruses can be noticed by extra height (margin, padding) visible on top or bottom of your pages.