WordPress Speed Optimization Service

wordpress speed optimization serviceI can review your website, identify loading issues and get it running as fast as possible! During the WordPress speed optimization process, my main focus is on the Google Page Speed Insights score and a overall usability. The final goal is to make your site load under 1 or 2 seconds because the loading time is one of the main SEO factors.

The slow loading speed is related to certain delays caused by your site, server or some external files. For instance there could be too many active plugins or some plugins are in conflict with each other. Other reasons could be related to limitations of your hosting provider (limited consumption of CPU and Ram memory), coding issues, security breach etc..

WordPress speed optimization service will not just improve the loading speed, but also provide a better user experience, lower down the bounce rate and increase your conversion ratio.

Check your speed at Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom Speed Checker

WordPress Speed Optimization includes:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights score improvement
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript code minification
  • Performance report and a useful tips on how to preserve your speed score
  • Defer parsing of Javascript
  • Combine CSS & JS Files
  • CDN setup (Stackpath, Cloudflare etc..)
  • GZIP compression activation
  • Manual image optimization
  • Caching configuration and many other tweaks needed to make your site load as fast as never before

The Importance of Having a Fast Website

Being slow will get you nowhere! As you probably noticed already, people do not have time and patience to wait. And why should they, when internet is flooded with your competitors that are providing the same products or services. If your page load time is slow, the visitor will simply close the tab and go to some other site.

Google is fully aware of the fact that people are making decisions in a split of second and that speed will determine will you succeed or fail.

Decreased loading time can positively affect your site SEO, usability and help you to get more leads.