How it Works: A Consultative Approach

I divide my WordPress development engagements into three separate sub-types or categories; they are as follows:

New Development/New Projects

As the name implies, this is when people come to me with either raw or semi-distilled ideas, and I work with them to take their concepts and turn them into actionable steps we can take together to bring them to life. With new projects, we begin at the pre-development stage, figuring out what will or won’t end up being created and put online.

With new projects, I am as inquisitive as I am informative; I work with all my prospects to learn about them, their business, and their goals, with the outcome being a quote for work that balances limited budgets against finite time and resources.

Ongoing Engagements

Many times individuals contact me who have simple or complex needs either over a duration of time or on a semi-permanent basis. These needs may be essential WordPress website maintenance, website updates on a periodic basis, or even a very well-defined idea that will take some time to develop but which is “open-ended” in nature with no set end date.
Last but certainly not least, we, at last, come to the topic of this article – repair work.

Website Rescue

All too frequently, I am contacted by individuals who began their development journey with someone else – but whom, for a multitude of reasons, have lost confidence, desire, or even ability to proceed with them. Most often, the developers in question were incompetent and in over their heads to start with, but sometimes there is malicious intent involved. The truth is it doesn’t much matter the “why” of these situations; the end result for customers who fall victim to these people is the same no matter their motives, they are left with a mess that someone has to help them clean up. This is equally distressing as it is frustrating, and many people feel powerless, lacking the technical ability to fix problems they themselves didn’t even create. This is where having someone like me in your corner is essential.

Since I specialize in WordPress website development, you wouldn’t be mistaken in assuming most of those who contact me are in the position of having WP sites. It is because most of the site repair I do is based upon the WordPress CMS platform that I am able to leverage the power of the platform to spring into action quickly.

In cases where a site has been vandalized or damaged on the front-end somehow, I work to quickly establish control by changing passwords, updating security protocols, and moving development to a private, secure location (online) that I can use for development purposes. With the public site, I typically develop a landing page or micro-site, which will suffice until development is complete and the new site is ready to launch.

But what if the site is 75% complete? – no problem, I still operate the same way – create a *quick* acceptable front-end and complete the site in another location. The main point isn’t how I do it anyway; it’s that I understand and function based upon three critical motivations.

1. To secure and protect what has already been developed.
2. To establish an acceptable face to the world as quickly as possible.
3. To work diligently to protect my client’s interests, putting them ahead of everything else – as it should be.

But what about X Y or Z particular situation?

Development is inherently complicated, and each site is a project unto itself, complete with design aesthetics, written copy, graphics and imagery, and much more. No matter those nuanced differences, the approach I take is to handle each situation based on its own particular needs.

In Conclusion

So no matter if you are an individual looking to start a new website, an organization with an existing site that needs to be updated, or someone in the position of having a website that is in need of rapid rescue, I can handle it. I have years of experience developing and fielding websites at all levels of sophistication and complexity, as well as the practical experience of working with entrepreneurs and businesses in a cooperative capacity, acting as an adjunct to their business and helping them form the critical online infrastructure needed to compete – and win – in today’s complex internet economy.