5 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins for 2020

You might have all the necessary information posted on your WordPress website. But with all this stuff, do you sense that visitors feel distant or unengaged when browsing through the pages? Let’s say they’re interested in the article you posted or a product that you’re selling, but they have some questions. Even with all the details uploaded, they still might want to get in touch with you for some clarifications, help, or confirmation of their understanding. And of course, you do have your contact form, email address, and social media profile links for that purpose, but you know as well as I that the moment they leave the page, there’s a fat chance they’re coming back. Always view from the perspective of a visitor-prospect.

5 best wordpress live chat plugins for 2020

From reading to purchasing stuff, people want quick access to everything. They’re not going to stick around for long if they can’t find support from you immediately, thereby losing your chance of getting a conversion. Too bad. But this is where live chat plugin really helps. With this, you don’t have to worry about visitors on your WordPress website feeling like they’re “on their own.” If they need some questions answered, they just need to pop up the provided chatbox on your webpage, then boom – high chance for conversion and another loyal fan.

They have a sense of anonymity that email does not provide. And the reassurance that support is available real-time, which is important. The until-now dead webpage just turned ‘alive’ with the 2-way communication. If you’re sold on this concept, then here are the best live chat plugins you can use right now.

1. Tidio Live Chat

tidio live chat plugin

This plugin has a lot of good stuff in it. You can test it for yourself with a seven-day trial that has access to pro version functionalities. It integrates with GetResponse, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and other customer support services. But that’s not the best part.

What’s unique about this live chat plugin is that you can actually see your visitor’s IP address, location, browser, name, and the webpage that they’re looking at. Before you even initiate a chat, you already know how to respond thanks to this helpful information. Great, right? If you’re offline, customizable chatbots can answer simple queries. Visitors can also reach your other messaging apps such as messenger through Tidio too.

On another note, you can add a few personal touches to your chat box with three design selections and an adjustable color scheme. Different languages are also supported by the plugin.

Tidio Live Chat WordPress Plugin

2. Live Chat


This plugin is simple and easy to manage for both you and your visitor. For starters, it functions like any other chatbox: it pops up and greets people and can be accessed with a click. But after the conversation, visitors can leave feedback, rate their experience, and even give you a social media shout-out.

What makes it unique is its shortcut functions and highly customizable features, such as adding Knowledge Base in which a pop up appears on the chatbox where visitors can get answers for questions without leaving the webpage. Tired of typing the same response over and over again? You can save responses with just one click. Want to build a consensus of customer needs? You can add tags to keep track of every conversation and build a report of common interests among your visitors easily.

There are also chatbots, a single dashboard to control all conversations, chat histories and so on. Try it out. Check out its 14-day trial and see if it fits your needs.

Live Chat WordPress Plugin

3. Pure Chat

pure chat wordpress plugin

If you can’t fit a paid live chat plugin for your WordPress website to your budget, then Pure Chat might be the perfect candidate for you. Unlike previous plugins, Pure Chat can be used for free, and even on a free plan, a wide range of functions can still be used.

First, you can add up to three live chat agents to engage visitors. Second, it has a mobile version – access on the go. Third, it’s highly customizable. And the most notable feature of this plugin is the integration of the Artibot.ai, which automates lead capture, appointment scheduling, and payments all for free.

With paid plans, you have more functions at your disposal, like real-time analytics, visitor tracking, priority support and a whole lot more. There’s no trial package, you can settle with the free plan if you want.

Pure Chat WordPress Plugin

4. Zendesk Chat

zendesk live chat plugin

Like Pure Chat, this plugin is available on free version as well, but of course, some features are disabled. Of course, it’s an efficient plugin like the previous three still.

On paid plans, functions get more unique. In Zendesk, they have what they call “trigger” wherein you set up behavior-based messages. For example, you can format a trigger that will automatically initiate a live chat every time a visitor is completing a purchase. This is convenient, especially when the visitor actually needs some help filling out forms. Conversion tracking is also available where you can measure goals by tracking visitor engagements. And of course, the Zendesk Chatbox is customizable.

There’s a whole lot more with this plugin. You can try out trial versions of all the plans with complete functionalities as listed on the roster on the website.

Zendesk Live Chat WordPress Plugin

5. Drift

drift live chat plugin

Last but not least is Drift. What sets this one apart is that it functions more as a marketing plugin than customer support. It’s perfect if you’re more interested in making sales. Here, visitors can be engaged through a cloud dashboard for chatting. Since it’s also available on iOS and Android, you can use it on the go. It has a dedicated plugin for WordPress as well.

As for key features, there’s a chatbot, a visitor profile history – great for starting a sales pitch – a “Drift profile” allowing visitors to book chat meetings, account-based marketing and so much more. If capturing leads and increasing inbound marketing effectiveness is what you need right now, Drift might actually be the perfect fit.

Drift Live Chat WordPress Plugin