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If you are planning to buy hosting for your WordPress website, you need to know that many hosting companies online don’t meet the WordPress minimum requirements or they are overselling** accounts, have security holes on their servers (websites often get infected with viruses) and have non-existent tech support. In most cases those companies are very popular just because they have great marketing.

I have tested many hosting solutions from various providers and the best provider for WordPress hosting is Webfaction.  I host all my websites on Webfaction, and in over a 6 year period,  I really haven’t  had a single problem, everything works perfectly, no viruses, no slowdowns and the price for their shared hosting is superb! Currently around $9/month.  They offer more than enough resources (ram memory, cpu usage) so you can host 10 or more sites on one account if you want.  Visit Webfaction website: www.webfaction.com


 If you need help in order to setup your account or WordPress website on WebFaction, request a free quote.

** (Overselling – When a hosting company sells more accounts than they can host and resources are not equally shared with other users on the same server.