How Easy is WordPress to use?


People who don’t have tech background, usually do not dare to play around with the websites, to do edits on their own or to explore the capabilities of the site they own.  WordPress is made to completely make things easier for the ordinary users that do not have experience with the coding, development or design.

The benefits of WordPress are enormous.   Anyone, I mean anyone, can understand it’s intuitive interface in just an hour, two or less, and then, there’s nothing left for the users except to sit down and start writing articles and other text content that will provide them SEO benefit and improve their online presence.

Having a website these days is nothing complex, the only thing you need is a WordPress expert who will build you a website, set up everything, give you directions on how to make edits and then only the sky is the limit.   Why I say this is because everything is based on how good ideas you have, how good you are with the copy-writing and how determined you are to succeed!

Whether you want to have a blog or an online WordPress Shop, the majority of changes you can do on your own without the help of the WordPress developer, unless you need some new features or complex design changes (website layout).


Example above shows you how easy is to add new WordPress page to the site.    You just need to write a title, write the content, put in some image to spice up the content a little bit visually, and then the only thing left is to hit the magic blue button.   Same goes for the post publishing.

So, to summarize, you have front end and back end of the website.  Front end is what you see when you visit your website ( for instance), and the back end is the dashboard where you can do all kind of changes and updates.

WP is very flexible and simple to use, but still every WP site needs a developer (me for instance!) who will set up everything in the way how the client requires.  Let’s say you want to have automatic listings on the homepage for the blog, real estate properties and a gallery.  That needs to be set up first by a WP Expert, so everything else including future changes can be done in a matter of minutes by the client.

What exactly non-tech WP users can easily do on their own

(when everything is set up in the way they want by the developer)

– Add, edit, rename posts and pages.

– Add, delete, rename categories.

– Add, delete, rename or reorder menu items.

– Add, edit, delete widgets (in the sidebar, footer, header or in any other area).

– Upload images, videos and other media files, as well as Word, PDF documents etc…

– Create image galleries, assign them to certain posts/pages.

– Create additional user accounts for multiple admins, editors or contributors.

– Change slider images if there are any sliders on the site.

– Add, edit or approve comments written by visitors

wordpress-user-experienceAnd a lot more! This list can be much much longer depending on what features you want to have on the site. You want to have a membership site for instance, no problem I can set it up in a way to make all future edits easier for you. Same goes for other types of sites, anything can be done, it’s just a matter of time.

When we compare WP to other content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress is a ultimate winner! There are no any doubts about it! WP is the only hassle free CMS that allow you to unleash your creativity and think less about tech stuff in the background.

If you already have a website or planning to and you never worked with WP, check out my Premium WordPress training.